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Big Plans

Looking for a well-built male to be slaughtered and consumed.

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When you’re given your life back, is it really yours?

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Punch Up

What do you do when you aren’t funny, but you need to make someone laugh? Kidnap a comedian.

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Cockfight tells the story of the Chiavetti brothers: three hard-luck foster kids who have grown up to be adult rabble-rousers.

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Jamie is an atheist who wants to be a Rabbi, Beth thinks she’s a vampire, and Constance has a sin that she wants to confess.

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We Are The Bomb

On the eve of modern Prohibition in Canada, a group of would-be revolutionaries declare their favourite bar a sovereign nation.

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Premiered March 2013
A story about love, friendship, and how far you’d go to protect someone you care about…who has recently started bludgeoning people to death with rocks.

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Delicacy: Andy Trithardt, Kaleb Alexander, Tennille Read, Kelly McCormack


Premiered October 25, 2012
Two couples met at a sex club. Now, two weeks later, they are trying to recapture their chemistry in a Yorkville condo.

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Help Yourself Yell - Tim Walker, Daniel Pagett

Help Yourself

Premiered July 2012
Help Yourself is the story of 35-year-old Donny who, for a price, will be a devil on your shoulder for hire and help you justify your immoral actions.

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LOVESEXMONEY: Daniel Pagett, Scott Clarkson, Gwenlyn Cumyn


Premiered February 2011 || Restaged January 2012
LOVESEXMONEY depicts the imagined meeting between a young student who is auctioning her virginity online, and the man who purchases it.

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